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4Humanities Advocacy Group

Last year I got involved with an international community of digital humanities scholars who were invested in advocating for the humanities and promoting public humanities. Since the recession, budget cuts have resulted in a decline in university funding for humanities. How can we get government and private support for the humanities—research, teaching, preservation, and creative renewal in such fields as literature, history, languages, philosophy, classics, art history, cultural studies, libraries?

4Humanities is both a platform and a resource for this: it is a newspaper, magazine, channel, blog, wiki, and social network. As a resources, it provides humanities advocates with a stockpile of digital tools, collaboration methods, royalty-free designs and images, best practices, new-media expertise, and customizable newsfeeds of issues and events relevant to the state of the humanities in any local or national context.

In addition to their digital humanities affiliates (including ADHO-Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations; centerNet -International network of Digital Humanities Centers; and HASTAC -Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory), 4Hum has over a dozen American universities and even more international universities (from London to Calcutta) that house local chapters– is something OU might be interested in? 4Humanities is deliberately a grass-roots, very low-cost initiative that could bring together CTE, faculty, librarians, and students.

I would love to meet with interested faculty and students (both graduate and undergraduate) about starting a chapter here at OU.

Check out my (now several months old) interview with staff writer Ashley Champagne on why the Humanities matter!

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